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Reload the Business Angel Club

The DBH and the SeedUp’s social platform, the Startup Underground (SUU) reorganized the Business Angel Club. From 2007-11 it was an popular investment platform in the Hungarian investor’s ecosystem.It was … Continue reading

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We founded the SeedUp!

At November 2012 the DBH Managament Ltd and Csaba Miskolczy founded the SeedUp Incubator ltd. Our plan to build an incubating program what based on CEE-wide startup dealflow. We specialized … Continue reading

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Brickflow – democra-tizing creativity

Brickflow is an webapp to playfully develop, discuss and share multimedia stories together. Brickflow got in two accelerating program: StartupHighway (in Vilnius) and Startup Chile.

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Levande – choclate, tee, snack

Innovative food industry team who is producing mass made products for malls, and own-branded distributor or stores. The manufacturer’s choice added premium made products and fashionable new ball-tee.

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Grundfoci – social football project

Collecting your friends for an excelent football game and challenge your racing with other teams. Webbased service with many social programs what’s generating more thousend sport fans from teens to … Continue reading

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Gmail Tool

When you disturb about the long-listed mailstream, you can use an smart tablet and mobile application what solve it. The Webbased tool gives easy use visualization for your personal Gmail … Continue reading

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NeoRobot – LowTech gadget lab

If you collect an existing technology is an particular application you’ve understood the ‘LowTech’s meening. The startup team works like an idealab or technology hub. Gadgets for unique application area: … Continue reading

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